Stephen + Courtney 3.3.18

The leaves are all gone and the trees are still bare. The weather wants to rise, but then it falls again. We all basically spend March patiently waiting for their return. The return of warmth and sunshine, the return of green. March is definitely the prefect time to bring out all things green for your wedding. [...]


Daniel + Mackenzie 12.16.17

We All love Hallmark movies. I mean, if I am being honest, I have one on right now as I write this. My girls are 12 & 9 and often times I will walk through the living room in December and hear them watching one. From the time we are young, we know what love [...]

Cody + Megan 9.29.17

Absolutely stunning. I mean, seriously, Megan stepped through the barn doors looking like a dream. Wearing a classic lace gown with perfect long stem roses in her hands. As she stepped through the doors to meet her groom my eyes filled with tears. She and I developed a quick friendship as she was planning her [...]

Justin + Amber 9.10.17

  Details may just be one of my favorite things. I love seeing how every bride has a different way of showing herself; expressing who she is. I love that Amber chose an elegant, lace dress and paired it with pale pink converse and gorgeous pearls. It was such an honor when Amber inquired about [...]

Trevor + Ariel 8.12.17

This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything. August is so full of color. Brilliant shades of green. Gorgeous butterflies resting among the beautiful wildflowers. Stephanie Benge Pearson did a phenomenal job not only capturing the love of Trevor and Ariel, but also taking time to zoom in on the beauty of nature. A promise of forever. I [...]

Sometimes rituals kill the lost

Our seven year old, spunky daughter makes her way down the isle. Heart beating hard. She wants to tell everyone that Jesus is her Savior; she is ready to be baptized. The joy me and my man felt weeks before as this conversation went on at home is indescribable. There is nothing greater than your [...]

Beginnings End

This past December we sat on the front row and proudly watched our little man sing his heart out. There is nothing like a group of four year olds singing Christmas songs. Waving, smiling, so full of joy. But me....I sat on that front row and cried. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I took [...]