Nick & Alex 8.28.17

She was our first bride to say Yes to the Venue. The first bride to walk onto our dirt pile and trust my vision, even though all she could see was dirt, poles and a roof. She still said yes! And six months later, she walked into that vision as a bride. Stunning. I had [...]


Trevor + Ariel 8.12.17

This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything. August is so full of color. Brilliant shades of green. Gorgeous butterflies resting among the beautiful wildflowers. Stephanie Benge Pearson did a phenomenal job not only capturing the love of Trevor and Ariel, but also taking time to zoom in on the beauty of nature. A promise of forever. I [...]

Sometimes rituals kill the lost

Our seven year old, spunky daughter makes her way down the isle. Heart beating hard. She wants to tell everyone that Jesus is her Savior; she is ready to be baptized. The joy me and my man felt weeks before as this conversation went on at home is indescribable. There is nothing greater than your [...]

Beginnings End

This past December we sat on the front row and proudly watched our little man sing his heart out. There is nothing like a group of four year olds singing Christmas songs. Waving, smiling, so full of joy. But me....I sat on that front row and cried. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I took [...]

overcoming pain

Have you ever had a day where you are just done? Done. Worn out?  Filled with sorrow? Tired of going through the motions? What happens when those days turn into weeks. And then months. And before you know it it has been years and you are still dealing with the same heartache. The same pain. [...]

I’m chasing fifty

I have been married for a decade. A decade. Actually this year will be a decade and a half- 15 years. I often look at my life, my marriage, and ask myself how I got here. How am I thirty four, raising three kids, living life with a man I said yes to almost 15 [...]